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Don’t settle for overpriced production run models that are both short in length and poorly designed!

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Flow Tamer Spray Bars are compatible with Fluval, Eheim, API Rena/Filstar, Marineland and SUNSUN filter. Chances are we have a bar for you!

Quality Materials

Manufactured with furniture grade PVC for both durability and aesthetic appeal, putting them a step above the injection molded plastic. Flow Tamer products are black,the color of choice for filter attachments and other aquarium plumbing due to it’s subtle, inconspicuous presentation in the aquarium.

Tailored Fit

All Flow Tamer Spray Bars possess a pivoting junction manifold which allows the hobbyist to install the spray bar as high and tight as they please (or as low as they wish). High and tight installations can be achieved by using the pivoting junction to tip the bar all the way back completely against the glass for the entire length of the bar.

Our Spray Bars are Longer

By dispersing output flow over a broad area, Flow Tamer exposes more surface area of freshly filtered water to the air for better gas exchange and Flow Tamer Bar’s evenly distributed output flow allows both smaller and laterally compressed fish (like discus and angels) to navigate the entire tank without constantly adjusting their position in response to strong flow!

aftermarket spray bar for the meticulous aquarium hobbyist" Flow Tamer Spray Bars
flow-tamer-pro-in action

Flow Tamer