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flow tamer in tank

Quality is what matters most

Flow Tamer began with my dissatisfaction with overpriced production run models that are short in length and poorly designed! I knew I could create a product that controlled flow, fit all common quality aquarium filters and was ergonomically designed for “fit and finish”.

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Flow Tamer – a spray bar for the meticulous aquarium hobbyist!

Flow Tamer Spray Bars were created for the demanding and detail driven aquarist who seeks a product that is superior in both function and aesthetic design to what the current market has to offer.

Flow tamer spray bars are manufactured with furniture grade PVC for both durability and aesthetic appeal, putting them a step above the injection molded plastic, production run models offered by competitors. Flow Tamer products are black,the color of choice for filter attachments and other aquarium plumbing due to it’s subtle, inconspicuous presentation in the aquarium.

Flow Tamer Spray Bars are considerably longer than other industry offerings. Short spray bars do not potentiate the many benefits a spray bar has to offer. The dispersing of output flow over a broad area brings many benefits to the overall balance of the environment the aquarist is trying to provide for their livestock. Besides exposing more surface area of freshly filtered water to the air for better gas exchange, a spray bar evenly distributes output flow allowing both smaller and laterally compressed fish like discus and angels to more comfortably navigate the entire tank without constantly adjusting their position in response to strong flow! Besides their stunning colors both discus and angels possess beautiful fin structure and are able “posture” with their amazing fins displayed much more frequently in an aquarium with the reduced flow provided by a spray bar!fish

Spray bar employment also liberates tiny schooling fish like Cardinals to roam more freely throughout the entire tank rather than seeking obstructions or “dead spots” to escape strong output flow!

The use of a Spray Bar also allows the hobbyist to “overfilter” their aquarium in a much more dramatic fashion than is normally possible when just using a standard outflow attachment. Overfiltering is a popular and very common technique amongst those keeping sensitive fish like discus or Altum Angels. The flow damping action offered by a Spray Bar allows the hobbiest to use far more filtration while maintaining a tolerable and hospitable environment for their livestock in regards to strong output flow.

For starters Flow Tamer Spray Bars on average are nearly twice the length of other bars found in the hobby. Spray bars that are short in length immediately defeat one of the most important reasons for employing one (the broad and thorough dispersion of output flow!)

Innovative design, all Flow Tamer Spray Bars possess a pivoting junction manifold. This unique feature allows the hobbiest to install the spray bar as high and tight as they please or as low as they wish as well. High and tight installations can be achieved by using the pivoting junction to tip the bar all the way back completely against the glass for the entire length of the bar. Once the bar is against the glass it can be held in place with either the  provided keeper rings of 2 different sizes, the 2″ ring keeps the bar right against the tank rim or the 3″ ring provides up to a 2″ drop down. Suction cups that are also provided can be used regardless of the drop down height selected. The pivoting junction manifold when properly manipulated creates a gripping type effect on the tank rim which causes only one other attachment point to be needed to completely secure the spray bar! Gone is the necessity of using 3-4 suction cups with huge “stand offs” on them to take up the space between the glass and the bar since other bars do not have the “tip back” feature. Competitors installation requirements and final presentation in the aquarium is “clumsy” compared to the visual presentation and minimal attachment requirements of the Flow Tamer and it’s innovative “pivoting junction manifold” design!

Flow Tamer Spray Bars have been created to fit nearly every major canister filter manufacturer including:flow-tamer-nano-from-ebay

So wait no longer! Purchase a Flow Tamer product for your filter today. Liberate your fish to roam the entire tank in the tranquility provided by a Spray Bar that is in a class by itself!

Only Quality Materials

Flow tamer spray bars are manufactured with furniture grade PVC for both durability and aesthetic appeal!