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Installation Instructions for Flow Tamers (except Fluval Canister)

Scroll down for Fluval Canister Filters Installation Tips

**All Flow tamer Spray bars are designed to function with only two spray bar legs assembled if adequate room is not available for a “3 leg” configuration or when using two spray bars in the same aquarium.

**In its current factory configuration your spray bar will sit approx.  ¼” below tank rim. However, a 6” piece of stock has been provided for you to customize your drop down height as desired.**

  1. Remove manufacturer’s output attachment from output hose.
  2. Place the flow tamer junction union on the rim of the tank and attach output hose using hose clamp provided.
  3. Tip the upright leg of the junction union back until it hits rear glass of tank, the elbow at the top of the upright leg should be approx. ¼ “ from the bottom of the tank rim.
  4. Now build your spray bar outward from the junction union and secure in position with either keeper rings or suction cups (If using suction cups, upright junction leg cannot be tipped all the way back for bar to touch glass.)
  5. All junction union joints rotate and allow the junction union to be manipulated for a snug and “perfect fit”. Upright junction union leg should be tilted back approx. 30° in order to touch glass and provide snug installation. Only one keeper ring should be necessary to hold spray bar securely in position.

Printable installation instructions(pdf)

Flow Tamer for Fluval Canister Filters Installation Tips

 Installation is a snap and requires no tools. Follow these tips to make your install even easier

  1. Remove rubber hose coupler from output tube and submerge in hot water (this will make coupler pliable).
  2. Next moisten Flow Tamer attachment nipple (PVC stub on attachment junction) and work coupler onto attachment nipple.
  3. Tip the Flow Tamer attachment junction “upright leg” back approx. 30°, this is accomplished by slightly turning or rotating the 2 elbow fittings away from each other. Doing this will cause the spray bar when installed to be lying flat against the back glass of the tank.
  4. Next install Flow Tamer attachment junction back onto the end of output hose, secure output hose back in manufacturers “hose saddle” as high as possible.
  5. Now build the spray bar out away from the junction attachment and use the “keeper ring” of your choice or suction cups to secure the spray bar to the tank rim, all height adjustments should be made first at the “hose saddle” by removing ‘‘saddle clamp’’ and adjusting the output hose accordingly.

Printable flow tamer for fluval installation instructions.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.